Time Shifting


Time shifting or replay TV is a function provided by some set-top boxes and cloud-based TV services which allows viewers to watch television broadcasts hours or even days after they are broadcasted. Unlike video recorders, there is no need to set specific times for TV recordings ahead of time, as broadcasts are recorded on a continuous basis.

Watching programs using time shifting allows viewers to fast forward or skip advertising breaks – a feature which has not been greeted with enthusiasm by television broadcasters.

Time shifting is widely used in Switzerland, and is increasing in popularity.

Many Swiss TV plans include a time shift function. In addition to major TV plan providers like Swisscom, Sunrise and UPC, Internet TV plans from providers like Zattoo, Wilmaa and Teleboy also include time shifting functions. Some TV plans do not include time shifting capabilities.

Most TV plans in Switzerland include either 30-hour or 7-day time shifting functions. The time shifting capabilities of Swiss mobile plans are clearly shown in the moneyland.ch TV plan comparison.

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