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What Does Travel Insurance Cost?

Swiss annual travel insurance policies vary in cost depending on the insurer. Get informed about what you can expect to pay for travel insurance in Switzerland.

Annual travel insurance policies from Swiss insurers cover an unlimited number of trips throughout the entire year. Because of this, they are more expensive than one-off travel insurance policies which cover a single trip. As a rule, an annual policy provides good value if you travel at least twice per year.

The cost differences between individual insurers are smaller than those found in other types of insurance, such as health insurance. Still, a comparison can help you save money and get the right coverage.

Depending on the policy, annual premiums for trip cancellation and interruption coverage vary as follows: A single young adult will pay between 50 and 225 francs. A single adult will pay between 80 and 240 francs. A family (or a household with at least 2 people) will pay between 80 and 350 francs per year.

Aside from the cost, policies also differ in their benefits and limitations. It’s important that you not only compare the cost of travel insurance policies, but also the coverage they provide.

The travel insurance comparison by lets you sort and filter offers based on the specific services they give you and their overall rating.

Travel insurance premiums – useful information:

  • Men and women pay the same premiums – regardless of where in Switzerland they reside.
  • Young adults may be eligible for discounts (these are automatically accounted for in the comparison).
  • Certain insurance policies charge different premiums for adults depending on your age bracket.
  • Some policies are only available to members of clubs or associations which charge membership fees. The comparison automatically adds relevant fees to the total cost. Examples: Travel insurance from ACS, TCS and VCS. If you are already a club member, you can view the actual premiums by clicking on the offer’s “info” link.
  • Supplemental coverages often demand additional premiums. Examples of these are roadside assistance, legal expense insurance and coverage for medical expenses. If you choose to add these additional insurance coverages, the travel insurance comparison results will only show all relevant policies with the correct premiums for the coverage you need.
  • Some insurers offer discounts for multi-year policies. However, always calculates costs on an annual policy basis. Multi-year policies are only worth it if you are absolutely sure that you will travel frequently throughout the entire insurance term.
  • Many insurance providers offer a multiple policy discount when you take out both trip cancellation and travel assistance (trip interruption) insurance policies. The comparison automatically accounts for these discounts.
  • Claim-free discounts are also offered by some insurers – by CSS for example.
  • Some insurance providers offer multiple policies with varying coverage limits (for trip cancellation insurance, for example), and varying premiums. Consider how much coverage you actually need before settling on a policy.

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