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True Wealth Robo Advisor

General information:

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True Wealth is a robo-advisor which invests in affordable ETFs automatically, based on the modern portfolio theory. True Wealth is suitable for investors who prefer not to have to worry about making investment decisions themselves. Regular portfolio optimization is carried out free of charge.

True Wealth is an independent wealth management service which manages assets deposited into a third-party bank account. True Wealth is not a bank in itself, and third-party bank accounts are provided by Saxo Bank (Switzerland) and BLKB.

Minimum investment amount:
CHF 8500
Type of service:
Investment management
General costs:

Flat rate fee of 0.5% per annum.
This fee remains the same regardless of the investment strategy selected, and is calculated on a quarterly basis.

Custody management is provided free of charge.

The flat-rate fee covers all transaction fees including brokerage fees, spreads and transfers to and from your account. True Wealth invests through affordable ETFs.

Product fees:

Product fees (TER) are not included.

Transaction fees:

Transaction costs are included in the flat fee.


Only retrocession-free products are used.


Stamp taxes are not included in the flat-rate fee.

Minimal risk:

A number of minimum-risk strategies are available. Flat-rate fee is 0.5% per year.

Low risk:

Flat-rate fee is 0.5% per year.

Limited risk:

Flat-rate fee is 0.5% per year.

Balaned risk:

Flat-rate fee is 0.5% per year.

Substantial risk:

Flat-rate fee is 0.5% per year.

High risk:

Flat-rate fee is 0.5% per year.

Individual requests:

Personalized investment options are available for some strategies.

Additional services:
Mobile access, Robo advisor
Specialized asset types:
Equities, Bonds, Currencies, ETCs, ETFs, Commodities


Founded in
German, English