Wi-Fi Calling


Wi-Fi calling or WLAN calling lets you make phone calls via a wireless local area network (WLAN). It is also possible to send and receive SMS messages via a WLAN.

Wi-Fi calling is particularly useful in areas which are not well covered by mobile service networks. This may be the case in certain portions of large buildings or in remote areas, for example.

You do not need a special app in order to make Wi-Fi calls, but certain requirements must be met.

You will need to use a phone which supports Wi-Fi calling and your mobile service provider must enable Wi-Fi calling for your phone. Wi-Fi calling may not work on phones which are not purchased directly from mobile service providers.

It is also important that your mobile plan or prepaid offer supports Wi-Fi calling. You must also enable Wi-Fi calling in your phone’s settings.

The mobile plan comparison on moneyland.ch lets you limit results to plans which support Wi-Fi calling by selecting the Wi-Fi calling filter. This makes it easy to find offers which include this function.

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