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Multi-SIM Now Offered by a Budget Mobile Service

February 17, 2022 - Ralf Beyeler

Wingo customers now have the option of using once SIM on multiple devices. Wingo is the first Swiss budget telecom service provider to offer multi-SIM.

Wingo has become the first budget telecom service provider in Switzerland to offer its customers the option of multi-SIM. The monthly fee for each supplementary SIM card is 5 Swiss francs. You can obtain add up to three supplemental SIM cards per mobile plan. The multi-SIM option – or Second SIM, as Wingo calls it – lets customers can order supplemental cards for their existing SIM, enabling them to use just one mobile plan for multiple devices (a phone and smart watch, for example). A Second SIM can be used to make phone calls and get online.

The Second SIM option is available for all Wingo mobile plans, but not for Wingo prepaid mobile offers (Flat Pass).

Very slow data connection

Wingo limits the data connection of supplemental SIM cards to 1 Mbps. That likely meets the demands of most smart watches, but for laptop and tablet users, that is a very slow connection.

No extras for budget telecom users

The three big Swiss telecom companies operate multiple budget subsidiaries in addition to their own branded services. The Salt, Sunrise, and Swisscom brands are reserved for more expensive plans which include services like multi-SIM or 5G connectivity. Extra like these often are not offered by the budget brands, or are only available for an added fee. In this way, telecom companies avoid competition between their offers and those of their own budget subsidiaries.

These Swiss mobile service providers are subsidiaries of the big telecom companies:

  • Aldi Suisse Mobile (Sunrise)
  • Coop Mobile (Swisscom)
  • Das Abo (Salt)
  • GoMo (Salt)
  • Lebara (Sunrise)
  • Lidl Connect (Salt)
  • M-Budget Mobile (Swisscom)
  • Wingo (Swisscom)
  • Yallo (Sunrise)

Wingo has broken with the mold by being the first subsidiary to offer multi-SIM. Currently, none of the other budget telecom service providers listed above offer multi-SIM.

Apart from the two major telecom network operators Sunrise and Swisscom, Digitec Connect is the only Swiss mobile service provider which has offered multi-SIM for some time now.

The competition is lagging behind

Sunrise budget subsidiaries Lebara and Yallo do not yet offer multi-SIM. Yallo plans to introduce an offer for smart watches in the future. Salt is not ready to make a statement to at this time.

Comparison with other offers

A comparison with competing offers reveals few differences between service providers. The prices charged by Sunrise and Swisscom for this service are identical. Only Digitec Connect is cheaper.

Multi-SIM offers with a data speed of 1 Mbps

Service provider Product Monthly fee
Sunrise We Connect extra SIM watch CHF 5.00
Swisscom Multi Device Option Watches & Wearables CHF 5.00
Wingo Second SIM CHF 5.00


Multi-SIM offers with faster* data speeds

Service provider Product Monthly fee
Digitec Connect Multi SIM CHF 5.00
Sunrise We Connect extra SIM surf CHF 10.00
Swisscom Multi Device Option Smartphones & Tablets CHF 10.00

* Data speeds vary between different mobile plans.

You can easily find all Swiss mobile plans which have a multi-SIM option by selecting the “Supplemental SIM cards” filter in the interactive Swiss mobile plan comparison.

New Swiss Plus plan

Starting now, Wingo is offering a new Swiss Plus mobile plan. This plan costs 63 francs per month and includes a supplemental SIM in its monthly fee.

“Great that Wingo is finally offering multi-SIM”

For telecom expert Ralf Beyeler, the case is clear: “Up until now, the three big Swiss telecom companies Salt, Sunrise, and Swisscom have deliberately not offered multi-SIM through their subsidiaries. Their hope was that consumers would simply bite the bullet and pay more for their own branded products.”

“It is great that Wingo is finally offering its customers a multi-SIM option,” finds the expert. “It meets a real customer need – particularly for people who use smart watches,” adds Beyeler from His recommendation: “If you need an affordable mobile plan which gives you the option of adding a supplementary SIM, then Wingo’s offer is worth looking at.”

“It is a shame is that Wingo only offers multi-SIM with a slow data connection for supplemental cards,” criticizes the expert. “That offer may work well for smart watches like the Apple Watch, but it is hardly useful for devices like tablets and laptops.”

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