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Wingo Now Offers eSIM

April 6, 2021 - Ralf Beyeler

Swisscom subsidiary Wingo is now offering users eSIMs in addition to SIM cards. Find the details in this analysis by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler.

From April 2021, Wingo customers can choose to use eSIMs instead of regular SIM cards. With eSIM, a virtual SIM is loaded onto an electronic component which is embedded in the hardware of phones or other devices. The SIM can be loaded to the phone using any Internet connection.

What do existing customers pay for Wingo eSIMs?

Existing Wingo customers can upgrade from a SIM card to an eSIM free of charge. The eSIM can be activated directly in the online customer service center by scanning the generated QR code with your phone.

How are new Wingo customers charged for the eSIM?

New customers first receive a regular SIM card and pay a one-time activation fee of 40 francs. Customers can then activate the eSIM in the online customer service portal at no additional charge.

Are there any costs when you change phones?

As a Wingo customer using an eSIM, you will have to obtain a new eSIM and when you begin using a different phone. Life Swisscom, Wingo does not charge for the new eSIM. This sets Wingo apart from some other Swiss mobile service providers which charge fees for new eSIMs.

Can all Wingo customers use eSIMs?

No. Wingo does not offer its eSIM service to its prepaid mobile users. Only Wingo plan subscribers can use Wingo eSIMs.

You must also have a phone which supports eSIM. Currently, many phones do not have built-in eSIM components. Currently, only a fraction of the phones which use the Android operating system support the eSIM. All newer iPhones, on the other hand, have eSIM functionality.

Are there any disadvantages?

Wingo eSIMs cannot be used as supplementary SIMs. Many device users are happy to continue using their conventional SIM card for their phone, while using eSIMs as supplementary SIMs with the same phone number for their smart watches (like the Apple Watch) and other devices. Wingo does not currently offer this service.

What else should I know about eSIMs?

You can find answers to all the important questions in the guide to eSIMs.

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