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Swisscom Subsidiary Wingo Launches Swiss Flat Fee Plan

October 7, 2020 - Ralf Beyeler

Wingo Swiss is the new plan offered by Wingo, a Swisscom subsidiary. Find out how Wingo Swiss compares in this review by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from independent comparison service

From October 7, 2020, Swisscom subsidiary Wingo is offering a new mobile plan branded as Wingo Swiss. This plan adds to Wingo’s existing product lineup which includes the Fair Europe, Fair Flat and Fair Surf plans, and the Prepaid Flat prepaid mobile service.

1. What does the new plan offer?

The new Wingo Swiss plan is pretty easy to explain: You pay a flat fee of 58 francs per month and get unlimited data and calls within Switzerland. The plan does not include any international calling or mobile roaming allowances.

2. Is there a special introductory promotion?

Yes. If you subscribe to Wingo Swiss before October 26, 2020, you benefit from the promotional price of 24 francs per month. There is no minimum or maximum contract term, so the promotional rate applies for the life of the plan.

3. How does Wingo Swiss compare to other Wingo plans?

The Wingo Swiss plan is attractive at the promotional introductory price of 24 francs per month. The standard price of 58 francs per month is expensive in relation to other offers from Wingo.

The Fair plans from Wingo are more attractive at standard prices. With the Fair Flat plan, users pay a maximum of 55 francs per month for calls and data in Switzerland – 3 francs less than the flat fee for Wingo Swiss.

The Fair Flat plan form Wingo has two advantages: It includes mobile roaming allowances; you pay less when you do not use much data.

4. How does Wingo Swiss compare to other mobile plans?

The standard price for Wingo Swiss is similar to that charged for comparable unlimited local call and data plans from other mobile service providers like Salt and Yallo. But there are comparable offers in Switzerland which are significantly cheaper. The flat fee plan from Lidl Connect gives you unlimited local data and calls in Switzerland for 29.95 francs per month.

The 24-franc promotional offer for Wingo Swiss is similar to special promotional offers from other service providers. There are occasional special promotions which are even cheaper.

5. Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

Wingo Swiss is Swisscom’s reaction to the discounts being offered by its competitors. Swiss mobile service providers have been launching new special promotional offers almost daily.

Wingo’s original strategy of offering a single plan which covered the needs of most mobile users was innovative. Many customers appreciated not having to choose between a plethora of different mobile plans. From that perspective, it is a shame that Wingo has moved away from that approach and now offers an array of mobile plans like its competitors.

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