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Yallo Now Offers Home Internet Over UPC Cable Connections

January 24, 2022 - Ralf Beyeler

Sunrise’s budget subsidiary is expanding its home Internet plan. Yallo customers who do not have optical fiber connections can now get home Internet through a UPC cable TV connection. Ralf Beyeler from moneyland.ch analyses the new offer here.

Yallo is best known for its numerous mobile plans. Since the end of 2020, the budget subsidiary of Sunrise has also offered an optical fiber Internet plan. Now Yallo is expanding the offer.

The most important change: Customers who do not have an optical fiber connection can now use their UPC cable TV connections for Yallo home Internet plans. Homes equipped with a UPC home Internet connection can now access plans from Sunrise, UPC, or Yallo for their home Internet.  

The Yallo plan costs 79 francs per month, regardless of whether you connect through cable or optical fiber – but it may be offered cheaper with special promotions. The price also includes a TV plan with a recording function and 7-day time shifting. The one-time activation fee is 99 francs. The plan delivers download speeds of up to 1 Gbps, and upload speeds of up to 0.1 Gbps.

Are there any special promotions?

For the launch of the plan on January 25, Yallo is offering the Home Max Cable package with TV for 14.95 francs per month. The promotional price is only available to a limited number of people, according to Yallo. The promotion will also end after a maximum of two days. Yallo was not willing to tell moneyland.ch how many plans are available at that low introductory price.

From January 27, 2022, the promotional price will be 44 francs per month, or 39 francs per month for existing customers with a Yallo mobile plan. The promotional price applies for the life of the plan. The minimum contract term is 24 months. Yallo has not disclosed exactly how long the promotional price will run, but it has said that the promotion will last several weeks.

What does getting Internet through a UPC cable connection cost?

Comparing Yallo’s new offer with other plans available with UPC cable TV connections is a good move. Here we list the basic monthly fees of both Internet-plans and packages which bundle Internet and TV.

Offer Internet
Standard price
Promotional price
Standard price
Internet and TV
Promotional price
Internet and TV
UPC 100 / 25 CHF 49 CHF 39 CHF 79 CHF 49
Sunrise 100 / 25 CHF 55 CHF 39 CHF 75 CHF 59
UPC 600 / 60 CHF 69 CHF 39 CHF 99 CHF 49
Sunrise 500 / 50 CHF 75 CHF 39 CHF 90 CHF 49
Yallo 1000 / 100 CHF 79 CHF 44 CHF 79 CHF 44
UPC 1000 / 100 CHF 89 CHF 39 CHF 119 CHF 49
Sunrise 1000 / 100 CHF 90 CHF 49 CHF 100 CHF 59

*Download/upload speeds in Mbps
The contractual counterparty for all of these offers is Sunrise UPC GmbH.

How does the price compare to competing offers?

In many cases, Yallo’s offer is more expensive than offers from its competitors. A general disadvantage is that Yallo only offer one Internet plan. The price of that approach is that, depending on the needs of individual customers, other offers often work out cheaper. That is especially true for optical fiber, where there are often many more affordable plans from competitors. You can get Internet plans – albeit with lower Internet speeds - for less than 30 francs. Comparing home Internet plans with the moneylan.ch comparison based on your specific needs is the best way to find the right deal.

Why use a budget brand which is hardly cheaper?

“No telecom company has, until now, offered a plan with 1 Gbps Internet (download speed) and a TV plan for under 15 francs per month. With its introductory promotion, Yallo is taking the market head on,” says moneyland.ch telecom expert Ralf Beyeler. But it is important to consider that the promotion is very limited and will only run for a very short amount of time.

“But aside from the short-term promotion, neither the standard price nor the longer-term promotional price really stands out,” observes Beyeler. “Consumers whose homes are only connected to slow copper phone lines networks and to coaxial cable networks from. UPC, there often is no alternative but to get a plan from Sunrise UPC.” For this target group, Yallo’s offer is not measurably better than those of other Sunrise UPC brands.

The 79-franc standard price tag is relatively expensive compared to the competition, stresses Beyeler. Salt charges 49.95 francs per month for a plan with 10 Gbps Internet (download speed) and TV – and that is not even accounting for promotions.

Yallo’s promotional prices of 44 and 39 francs respectively are low enough to compete, but still do not radically impress, finds Beyeler. The expert’s verdict: With its mobile plans, Yallo has clearly positioned itself as a budget brand which is significantly cheaper than its parent Sunrise. But Yallo’s home Internet plan does not achieve that. One reason, according to the experts, is that the home Internet market is less competitive. “But why use a budget brand which is hardly cheaper?”.

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Expert Ralf Beyeler
Ralf Beyeler is the telecom expert at moneyland.ch and also covers other areas of personal finance.