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Zattoo Launches Bundled Plan With Internet and TV

August 31, 2023 - Ralf Beyeler

In collaboration with Init7, Internet TV streaming service Zattoo is launching a bundled plan that combines home Internet and TV. In this review, online comparison service analyses the new Zattoo Home plan.

Zattoo is among the pioneers of streaming television channels over the Internet. It has offered Swiss consumers online access to TV broadcast streaming since 2006. For reference, the most popular video streaming service worldwide, Youtube, was launched just one year earlier. Up until now, Zattoo has only offered TV plans to its customers in Switzerland. But that is changing: Starting now, Zattoo is offering consumers the bundled telecom plan Zattoo Home. This plan includes a home Internet connection in addition to a TV.

An overview of the Zattoo Home offer

The Zattoo Home plan bundles a 1Gbps optical fiber home Internet connection with the Zattoo Ultimate TV plan. The TV plan lets you watch 324 TV channels, 87 of which can be streamed in Full HD, and 161 in HD. It also includes a TV recording function with a capacity of 2000 recordings, and a 7-day TV time shifting function without forced advertising breaks. TV broadcasts can be viewed on phones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.

The monthly fee for Zattoo Home is 67 francs. If you opt to pay the fee annually instead, the cost is 755 francs, or 62.90 francs per month. You pay a one-time activation fee of 77 francs. You get the use of a Fritzbox router on a loan basis for the duration of the plan.

In order to use Zattoo Home, your home must be equipped with an optical fiber connection, which in turn must be linked to a distribution center that is connected to Init7.

Discount for existing Init7 customers

From October, 2023, existing Init7 customers with a Fiber7 plan should have the option of signing up for the Zattoo Ultimate plan with a discount of around 5 francs off the standard monthly fee. However, the exact terms and conditions are not yet known.

Init7 customers can continue to use the TV7 offer to watch TV without having to register, but Init7’s TV time-shifting feature is being terminated.

How Zattoo Home compares with other offers

Few TV plans available in Switzerland offer the TV recording capacity that you get with Zattoo’s Ultimate plan, and therefore with Zattoo Home.

The cost of Zattoo Home is similar to that of the bundled plan from Teleboy (63.90 francs per month). Offers from other service providers are much more expensive. Comparable offers from Swisscom and Sunrise cost well over 100 francs per month, based on standard pricing without promotions and TV recording without forced advertising breaks.

But if you also include offers with low-capacity TV recording functions and forced advertising breaks, then there are cheaper plans on the market. That is why comparing Swiss Internet plans based on your specific needs is important. The bundled home telecom package comparison also accounts for TV plans and bundled offers.

Conclusion by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

Products that shake the existing market landscape are generally a net positive. Zattoo is a well-known brand in Switzerland. But many customers most likely use Zattoo’s free plan, which is funded by advertising.

In terms of pricing, the bundled Zattoo Home offer from Init7 and Zattoo is attractive. Only Teleboy offers comparable pricing. What’s more, Init7 has an established reputation in the telecom sector.

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