Ask Price

The ask price, sometimes simply referred to as the “ask”, is the rate or the price at which sellers are willing to sell an asset. It is sometimes called the “sell price” or the “offer”.

The ask price represents what the market is willing to pay. The term is widely used among stock traders in relation to trading securities on the stock market. The ask price show traders the price at which a market participant is willing to sell their securities.

In forex trading, the ask price plays a key role because it shows the rate at which a bank or currency trader is willing to sell a currency.

The ask price is always higher than the bid price. The difference between the ask price and the bid price is known as the bid-ask spread.

In German stock market jargon, the letter “B” (for Briefkurs) is used to denote the ask price. The rate listed under the letter B shows investors what the current offer for a security is. It also shows that the seller of those securities has not yet found a buyer. The abbreviation “bB” (bezahlt Brief), on the other hand, indicates that part of the securities on offer have already been sold at listed ask price, but some are still available.

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