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Baloise Legal Expenses Insurance

General information:

Worldwide coverage.

Insured persons:

The insurance coverage extends to the policyholder (in case of the individual insurance) or the policyholder and the family, spouse or cohabitee of the policyholder sharing the same household (in case of the family insurance).

Coverage Switzerland:
CHF 1,000,000
Coverage Europe:
CHF 1,000,000
Coverage World:
CHF 100,000
Insurance rate (comments):

Stamp taxes of 5 percent excluded.

Personal legal protection - individual:
CHF 171
Motor legal protection - individual:
CHF 87
Personal & motor legal protection - individual:
CHF 258
Personal legal protection - family:
CHF 205
Motor legal protection - family:
CHF 115
Personal & motor legal protection - family:
CHF 320
Scope of services:
Total scope
Personal legal protection
Motor legal protection
Scope of advisory services
Minimum amount in dispute
Waiting period
Choice of legal representation
Contract duration
Coverage Switzerland
Coverage Europe
Coverage World
Choice of legal representation:

Free choice of lawyer.

Termination of contract:

Both parties can terminate the contract: at the latest 3 months before the end of the contract. After every insured event for which a claim is payable.

Contract duration:

Minimum contract duration: 1 year. The contract will automatically renew for another year unless termination notice is given 3 months in advance.

Waiting period:

The insurance coverage will be granted if the legal case arose after a waiting period of 3 months after the commencement of the insurance.

Minimum amount in dispute:

Minimum amount in dispute: CHF 2,000.

Personal legal expense coverage:
Civil damages law, Criminal law, Insurance law, Tenancy law, Labor law, Contract law, Patient law
Personal legal protection (comments):

Special coverage: Travel legal insurance.

Driver legal expense coverage:
Civil damages law, Criminal law, Insurance law, Disqualification from driving, Vehicle contract law
Motor legal protection (comments):

Exclusions (examples): If the driver was not authorized to drive the vehicle. When acquiring or re-acquiring a driver’s license.

Legal protection advisory services:
Marital law, Personal law, Family law, Inheritance law
Legal protection advisory (comments):

Legal advisory protection (for example covering matters relating to personal, family, marital law): up to a maximum of CHF 500 per case.

General coverage:
Lawyers' fees, Travel expenses, Court fees, Counterparty's fees, Mediation, Expert reports, Penalty order
Additional services:

Real estate legal protection as supplemental insurance available. Costs of mediation: covered. Translation and travelling expenses (legal case abroad): covered.


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