Business Loan

A business loan is a loan given to a business rather than to a private individual. This sets business loans apart from personal loans.

Other terms used synonymously with “business loan” include “corporate loan” and “enterprise loan”.

In Switzerland, business loans are offered to a number of different types of businesses and entities. These include public companies, limited companies, foundations, cooperatives and associations.

Business loans can be used to finance a range of business activities, and loans are often categorized by the type of activities which they can be used to finance. Categories include working capital loans, investment loans, research loans, growth loans, succession financing loans and takeover financing loans.

Swiss business loans are offered by both banks and non-banks (like online lenders). The unbiased business loan comparison on includes online and peer to peer (P2P) lenders in addition to conventional banks. Comparison results account for both interest rates and other fees and charges.

All possible costs should be considered when comparing business loans. In addition to interest charges, administrative fees may also apply.

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