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How to Calculate Swiss Mortgages

In Switzerland, you must meet certain requirements in order to successfully get or refinance a mortgage. Use these simple tools to find out whether you qualify for a mortgage.

Buying a home in Switzerland is a major financial commitment. On August 22, 2023, the average cost of one square meter of housing was around 8621 Swiss francs for apartments and 7466 francs for houses, according to the Swiss Real Estate Index.

With so much money on the line, it is important to make a well-informed decision before using a mortgage to buy a home. The powerful calculators provided by make it easy to find out whether or not buying a home in Switzerland is the right move for your wallet.

1. Is buying a home a smart financial move?

The most important question is whether buying a home makes financial sense for you, or if you wouldn’t come off better renting a home instead. The rent or buy calculator from helps you determine which option is best for your finances.

2. Do you have enough money for the down payment?

In Switzerland, lenders generally require that you put down a minimum down payment of 20 percent in order to qualify for a mortgage. The minimum down payment calculator makes it easy to find out how much of a property’s cost you will have to front yourself, at the minimum.

3. Do you earn enough income to mortgage a home?

Swiss lenders generally expect you to earn an income equal to at least three times the full cost of servicing a mortgage. You can find out how high your income must be in order to be eligible for approval using the minimum income mortgage calculator.

4. How expensive a home can you afford?

A small apartment or a mansion with a view? You can easily find out how expensive a home you can afford based on your income and how high a down payment you can afford to make using this maximum purchase price mortgage calculator.

5. Can you afford to service a mortgage?

Lenders expect you to maintain a low expense-to-income ratio over the entire life of your mortgage, with expenses related to your mortgaged home not exceeding 33 percent of your income. Quickly find out whether you meet affordability requirements using the affordability calculator.

6. Which mortgage is right for you?

The mortgage calculator on lets you calculate many different key factors including costs, affordability, and collateral requirements. The mortgage calculator also helps you find the most suitable amortization term.

7. Which mortgage provider has the best interest rates?

There are big differences in the amount of interest that different banks, insurance companies, and other mortgage providers charge. The Swiss mortgage comparison on lets you compare interest rates and other features across 140 different mortgage offers. All interest rates are updated twice daily. In addition to mortgage offers from numerous Swiss banks and insurance providers, the comparison also includes Swiss online mortgages.

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