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The Cheapest Video Streaming Offers in Switzerland

May 10, 2024 - Ralf Beyeler

Streaming services are now an established part of life in Switzerland. In this article, shows you which streaming offers are the cheapest.

The following list from shows the big differences in the prices charged by different video streaming services in Switzerland. As a general rule, the bigger and more exclusive the selection of videos is, the more you pay. In the case of Netflix, Disney Plus and Sky Show, you also have to pay more to watch videos in higher resolutions.

The cheapest streaming services

Offer Monthly fee
Netzkino CHF 0.00
Netzkino Plus CHF 4.85 (converted from EUR 4.99)
Disney Plus with ads CHF 7.90
Amazon Prime Video CHF 9.99
Apple TV Plus CHF 10.90
Artfilm CHF 12.00
Paramount Plus CHF 12.00
Disney Plus Standard CHF 12.90
Netflix Basis CHF 12.90
Sky Show Light with ads CHF 12.90 *
Disney Plus Premium CHF 17.90
Sky Show Standard CHF 17.90 *
Filmingo CHF 20.00 **
Netflix Standard CHF 20.90
Sky Show Premium CHF 24.90 *
Netflix Premium CHF 27.90

* without loyalty discount
** Only available as an annual subscription for 240 francs.


Is the price the only thing to consider when choosing a streaming service?

No. When choosing a video streaming service, you should look at which movies and series are offered, in addition to looking at the monthly fee. Video streaming service providers often have exclusive content that you cannot watch on other streaming platforms. If there are specific movies or series that you want to watch, it is worth checking whether a streaming plan includes these videos before you sign up.

Can I stream video for free in Switzerland?

Yes. There are numerous websites on which you can watch videos free of charge. The best-know of these are Youtube and the video libraries of TV broadcasters. Some Swiss TV plans are also offered free of charge. You can learn more about how to watch videos for free here.

Good to know: Some conventional video streaming services offer free trials. In some cases, the free trial period may be long enough to watch the series you want to see. You have to remember to give notice and terminate the plan before the free trial period expires.

Where can I find more information?

You can find a detailed overview of streaming services, with additional information about offers, in our video streaming comparison, which you can obtain free of charge in PDF format.

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