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Cornèrtrader Launches Simplified Platform for Investors

June 25, 2020 - Benjamin Manz

Swiss online broker Cornèrtrader has restructured its trading platforms and introduced its new Invest platform. Here, answers key questions about the Cornèrtrader Invest, Flexibility and Advance platforms.

1. What trading platforms does Cornèrtrader offer?

Cornèrtrader now offers three different trading platforms: Invest, Flexibility and Advance.

Invest is designed for average investors who do not need the complex tools, information and investment vehicles provided by conventional online trading platforms. The Flexibility platform is designed for advanced traders and the Advance platform is designed for professional investors.

Invest is a completely new trading platform. Flexibility is a rebranding of the standard Cornèrtrader trading platform.

Invest and flexibility can be used on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. Advance can only be used on desktop computers (Mac or Windows).

2. Has Cornèrtrader’s pricing changed?

No. Cornèrtrader’s existing fee schedule continues to apply. Cornèrtrader has very favorable pricing for occasional traders and frequent traders compare to many other Swiss brokers.

You can find and compare Cornèrtrader’s current trading fees in the unbiased Swiss online trading platform comparison. The same fee schedule applies to all three trading platforms.

No custodial fees are charged for stocks and ETFs. After the first year, an inactivity fee applies every quarter in which you do not perform at least one transaction.

There are no inactivity fees if you only hold mutual funds and bonds, but you pay custodial fees to hold mutual funds and bonds.

3. What products can I trade with Cornèrtrader Invest?

The Invest platform is primarily directed to investors who do not trade very frequently.

All stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and bonds which can be traded with Cornèrtrader are available on the Cornèrtrader Invest platform. Currently you can choose from around 18,400 stocks quoted on 22 stock exchanges.

Mutual funds are a focus point, with more than 600 mutual funds available. These include five mutual funds from Cornèr Bank. Currently, Morningstar ratings are only provided on the Invest platform – not on the Flexibility or Advance platforms.

Investment vehicles like CFDs, Options, Futures and Forex are only available on the Flexibility and Advance trading platforms.

4. Who is the Cornèrtrader Flexibility for?

The Flexibility platform is suited to trading-savvy investors. The digital platform can be set up to make use of up to two monitors. It includes chart trading (technical analysis) tools and gives you the option of using complex order types like algorithmic orders.

Cornèrtrader Flexibilty, in contrast to Cornèrtrader Invest, includes all investment vehicle types offered by Cornèrtrader. Unlike Invest, the Flexibility platform does not include mutual funds by default, but you have the option of activating mutual funds for trading.

5. Who is Cornèrtrader Advance for?

The Advance trading platform is suited to professional and institutional traders. Advance includes all of the functions included in the Flexibility platform, plus additional professional trading functions like risk-management solutions. It supports up to six monitors.  

6. Does Cornèrtrader offer free demos?

Yes. You can open demo accounts for all three platforms online and simulate trading. You can open a free Cornèrtrader demo account here.

7. Is a separate account required for each trading platform?

Yes, each Cornèrtrader account is linked to just one platform (Invest, Flexibility or Advance). It is possible to migrate your account from one trading platform to another.

8. What trading orders are offered?

All three platforms offer numerous trading order options. In addition to standard order types like market orders, limit orders, stop orders and stop-limit orders, Cornèrtrader also offers advance order types like trailing-stop orders, if done orders and once-cancels-other orders.

9. How is Cornèrtrader Invest different from other online trading platforms?

Cornèrtrader Invest is designed to appeal to investors who have knowledge of investing and finance, but have difficulty with the complex interfaces and digital tools offered by other trading platforms.

Currently, no other Swiss bank offers a comparable brokerage platform in terms of simplicity. Other Swiss trading platforms are built on the assumption that users already know exactly which investment vehicles (like specific stocks or ETFs) they want to invest in.

Cornèrtrader Invest, on the other hand, is designed for investors who do not already know what vehicles they want to use.

The Invest platform helps investors fund suitable investments based on factors like geographic regions, investment themes, performance and popularity.

10. What are the advantages of Cornèrtrader Invest?

The biggest advantage of Cornèrtrader Invest over other Swiss online trading platforms is the simplified user experience it provides. Invest makes it easy to find and invest in suitable bonds, stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. The ability to quickly find investments based on regions and themes is particularly practical.

11. What are the disadvantages of Cornèrtrader Invest?

You cannot access advanced charting tools and information. Investment vehicles are limited to stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and bonds. If you want to make use of the full product palette offered by Cornèrtrader, you may find the Flexibility or Advance trading platforms more suitable.

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