Outstanding Debt and Early Loan Settlement Calculator

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Useful information about the outstanding debt and early loan settlement calculator on moneyland.ch:

  • The early loan settlement calculator on moneyland.ch makes it easy to find how much you still owe for a loan and how much money you could save by settling your debt ahead of schedule.
  • You can find an overview of the actual costs of loans from all Swiss lenders in the leading unbiased comparison of Swiss loans.
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  • Important: You have the legal right to repay a debt in full at any time. An early settlement can save you money because lenders are not legally allowed to charge you interest based on the loan term. Interest must be based on the amount owed.
  • Lenders communicate the cost of interest as an effective annual interest rate. Effective interest rates used by this calculator follow the Swiss model.
  • The calculator assumes that monthly repayments are made in arrears and that identical monthly repayments are made.
  • Results are calculated based on monthly repayments rounded to the nearest 5 centimes and on the amount of debt remaining. Due to rounding, results may differ minutely from actual amounts.
  • The monthly repayment for the last month is accounted for in the calculation of remaining debt. For example, if you select “12 months since loan received” under “Early settlement”, the calculator assumes that you will have made 12 monthly repayments before settling your loan.

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