Loan Calculator

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How the loan calculator can help you:

  • The loan calculator from makes it easy to find the full cost of a loan, the full loan amount, the exact length of a loan’s term and a loan’s effective interest rate.
  • Other loan calculators: Remaining debt and early settlement calculator; leasing calculator; loan refinancing calculator.
  • The leading unbiased loan comparison in Switzerland provides a clear overview of the costs of all loans offered by Swiss lenders.
  • Lenders use effective annual interest rates to show the cost of a loan. The loan calculator uses the Swiss annual interest rate model in calculations.
  • The calculator shows results for a single loan, to be paid off with identical monthly loan repayments over the life of the loan. Amounts are rounded off to the nearest 5 centimes so slight differences due to rounding off may occur.
  • Calculation of interest rates: Only values which result in an interest rate of 0% or more can be calculated.
  • Calculation of loan terms: Calculations show the number of months required to repay a loan (including interest) in full. Decimals may be used.
  • Swiss consumer credit laws require that the cost of obligatory insurance coverage must be included in a loan’s given cost.