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Family Mobile Plans in Switzerland

October 11, 2023 - Ralf Beyeler

Which Swiss mobile services offer discounts for families in Switzerland? Get informed in this guide.

Businesses in many sectors run special product lines for families. From music streaming services like Spotify to Swiss banks, products or discounts for families are a key fixture on the Swiss retail landscape.

Swiss mobile service providers have held back somewhat in terms of special discounts for families. Here, we list the few family discounts available in Switzerland.

In every case, it is important that you take the time to compare mobile plans based on your specific needs. In most cases, it makes more financial sense for you and your kids to use separate mobile plans or prepaid services than to use a family plan.

1. Blue Benefit from Swisscom

Switzerland’s largest telecom service provider Swisscom lets families and other households take advantage of a Blue Benefit discount for multiple plans. This discount applies to all plans from individuals sharing the same household regardless of whether or not they are related. Roommates, for example, can benefit from the discount.

However, in order to benefit from the Blue Benefit discount, you as a Swisscom customer must meet a few requirements. For one thing, you can only claim the discount if you use a Swisscom broadband Internet plan. Another point is that the Blue Benefit discount only applies to Swisscom's Blue Mobile plans. Cheaper plans do not count towards this multiple-plan discount.

The discount is 20 francs per month for the first plan and 30 francs for the third, fourth and fifth plans. But even with the family discounts, these plans are still more expensive than many other mobile plans.

2. Sunrise Up

Sunrise offers the Sunrise Up plan. When you have this plan, you pay half price for any additional plans you get. That discount makes this offer appealing for families.

There are various Sunrise Up plans. These may include services like mobile roaming and international calls, for example.

People who do not live in the same household can also share the subscription. That means the offer is not limited to families, households or shared flats, but can also be used by groups of friends or acquaintances.

3. Familyplus from M-Budget Mobile

M-Budget Mobile is a collaboration between Migros and Swisscom. M-Budget offers Familyplus discounts for families.
The first family member pays the standard price for their plan (between 39 and 59 francs per month). Up to four additional family members can then sign up for the same plans for a discounted price (19 francs per month and plan).
Family members can only benefit from the Familyplus discount if they live in the same household as the first family member.

4. Family + Friends from Galaxus Mobile

With its Family + Friends offer, digitec connect is among the few mobile service providers to offer family perks. Unlike other family discounts, plans holders do not have to live together in order to benefit.

All users receive a discount of 1 franc per month per combined mobile plan. For example, if a family were to combine a total of five mobile plans under a family plan, you would pay four francs less per month for each of the five mobile plans. By default, all of the combined plans are billed to just one person, who must pay the entire phone bill for all combined plans by credit card. However, individual family members have the option of getting billed separately, if they choose to. You can change the billing settings online.

5. Family from Quickline

Cable network cooperative Quickline has a Family offer for families. For a 99-franc monthly flat fee, customers get:

  • A 100 Mbps Internet plan.
  • A TV plan with 7-day time shifting and a 2000-hour recorder.
  • A landline phone connection
  • Unlimited mobile plans, each with 3 gigabytes of local data for Switzerland and 500 megabytes of roaming data.

At an additional cost, you can add mobile plans with unlimited local calls and more data, or a faster home Internet connection.

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