What Basis for Calculation Is Used by the Mobile Roaming Calculator?

Calculations are performed using complex algorithms created by moneyland.ch, and are based on the following assumptions:

  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • The roaming calculator shows the cheapest roaming solution for your specific telecom habits. Depending on the selected service provider, country and user profile and the length of your stay in your destination country, a large number of different combinations may be accounted for. Possible roaming allowances included in plans and prepaid offers are also taken into account. The cheapest roaming solution may consist of multiple roaming options and services provided at standard rates.
  • The roaming usage amounts used for user profiles are based on 30-day periods. When the length of your stay in your destination country is longer or shorter than 30 days, results are recalculated to accommodate the length of your stay. When you enter custom information using the individual profile, results are based on the exact number of days entered.
  • Optional data roaming and call roaming bundles and supplements are referred to as roaming options in the calculator. Data roaming, call roaming and combined data and call roaming supplements are accounted for.
  • The mobile roaming calculator lets you find the cheapest roaming solution for stays of up to 360 days in a specific country. Calculations are based on the assumption that the data use, calls and SMS messages entered will be spread equally across the number of days entered.
  • The different roaming options offered differ with regards to their validity periods. Some roaming options are only valid for one day, while others are valid for up to a month and still others do not have an expiry date. The mobile roaming calculator takes the validity periods of options into account.
  • Not all roaming options offered by a mobile service provider can be combined with all mobile plans and prepaid offers from that service provider. The mobile roaming calculator accounts for the compatibility of roaming options with plans or prepaid offers.
  • Some roaming options are limited with regards to the number of individual roaming options you can get. The roaming calculator accounts for possible limits on the maximum number of a specific roaming option which you can add to your plan or prepaid offer.
  • Swiss telecom service providers use per-minute billing. That means calls are always rounded up to the nearest 60 seconds for billing purposes. If you make a call of 1 minute and 15 seconds, you are charged for 2 minutes. In order to account for the effects of per-minute billing, the calculator uses slightly higher values than those listed in user profiles when performing calculations. When you use an individual profile (custom), the call length entered in minutes is increased by 0.5 minutes in calculations.
  • Some of the data roaming and call roaming options from telecom service providers like Salt, CoopMobile, Das ABO and Das PREPAY have unfavorable validity periods based on calendar months, with options being valid between the tenth day of a calendar month and the ninth day of the following calendar month. When this is the case, calculations are based on the assumption that two options are necessary for a 30-day roaming period. The calculator also accounts for roaming option validity periods of one calendar month (roaming options from Sunrise, for example).
  • Calculations are based on the official price lists published by telecom service providers. Because of this, the costs shown can be extremely high, depending on the service provider, country and user profile. In practice, however, roaming services are often blocked automatically before extremely high charges can be incurred.
  • The calculator uses the current roaming rate schedules for currently available mobile plans and prepaid offers. If you have a mobile plan or offer which is no longer available to new customers, simply select either the “Other plan” or “Other prepaid offer” option. In this case, results are based on current standard rate schedules and roaming options which are compatible with all plans or prepaid offers, but do not account for possible roaming allowances included in your plan.
  • Rounding differences may occur.
  • Only the actual roaming costs are accounted for in calculations. All other costs – including plan subscription fees – are not accounted for. If you are looking for a mobile plan, make sure to account for plan subscription fees and other possible costs in addition to the roaming costs shown in the calculator. You can compare these costs using the mobile plan comparison.

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