How Does the Pet Insurance Comparison Work?

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Finding the right pet insurance can be easy!
The pet insurance comparison by helps you find the right pet insurance in three easy steps. The comparison sorts pet insurance policies and automatically find the most affordable deductible and coverage models for your needs. The comparison also indicates whether or not getting pet insurance could save you money. Compare pet insurances now.

1. Enter basic information

  • Type of pet: You can compare insurance for cats, dogs and horses.
  • Age of pet: Select the age of your pet. To be eligible for insurance, your pet must be at least 3 months old and (at many insurers) younger than 7 years old. Once you have taken out a policy, you can keep the coverage indefinitely, even after your pet has passed its seventh year.
  • Type of insurance: Standard pet insurance covers both illness and accidents. You can select the “Accident coverage only” option to compare policies which insure your pet against accidents only.
  • Estimation of medical costs per year: Select a profile which matches your anticipated veterinary costs (for treatments, operations, inoculations, etc.) or select “Individual amount” to enter an exact amount. The comparison calculates the most affordable deductible and coverage model for each policy and indicates whether or not the coverage makes financial sense based on your veterinary expenses. Find a detailed breakdown of profiles here.

2. Compare offers

  • Compare costs: Compare the cost and savings potential of pet insurance policies. Only the best deductible and coverage models for your needs are shown in results. The cost breakdown provides detailed information about a policies costs. Find the basis of calculation here.
  • Compare criteria: You can filter policies shown in the comparison results based on various criteria like special coverage and additional services.
  • Request free quotes: Click on the “Free quote” buttons corresponding to the offers you are interested in to request free quotes.

3. Request free quotes.

Enter your contact information into the quote request form and click on the “send now” button. Your free quote will be sent to your promptly.

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