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How Are the Private Banking Comparison Results Calculated?

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Calculations are based on complex algorithms by and also account for the following factors:

  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • Only services which provide the selected risk strategy for the specified investment amount are shown. Many service providers have minimum investment requirements and these only appear in results if the specified investment amount matches their entry requirements. Service providers which do not provide for the selected investment strategy do not appear in results.
  • Most banks adjust their fees based on the amount being invested, the service provided (asset management or investment advisory) and the risk profile (risk profiles are defined here).
  • The costs listed in the comparison are the costs of the entire selected investment term and include flat-rate fees, custody fees (when these are not included in flat-rate fees) and possible one-time fees.
  • Some service providers provide alternative fee models in addition to flat-rate fees, such as performance-based models. Where more than one fee structure is available, always uses the flat-rate fee model in calculations.
  • The flat-rate fee usually covers the following costs: administrative fees, trading fees for transactions which fall within an asset-management mandate, account fees and tax declarations.
  • Not all of the products included in the comparison are free from retrocession fees. This is noted in product cost breakdowns.
  • Cost which are not usually included in flat-rate fees include: fiscal duties like VAT and stamp tax, product fees and trading fees for independent trading. Exceptions to this rule are noted on product information pages and cost breakdowns.
  • Past performance of service providers is not accounted for in comparisons because it is not a clear indicator of future performance. Example: There is no guarantee that an asset management service which has performed highly over the past 5 years will continue to deliver outstanding performance in subsequent years.
  • Costs apply to individuals and not to institutional clients.
  • Costs are rounded to five centimes.