Does leasing a car in Switzerland affect my credit?

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I just moved here and my next step is to get a car. For now, I expect to lease a car because I don't think I could get a big loan having just arrived and all. Since I am hoping to build good credit in Switzerland, I want to know how a car lease would affect my credit. Would the leasing company run a credit check? Do they report to credit score agencies? Would leasing help me build credit if I make all payments on time?

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Hi there,

The first thing to understand is that in Switzerland there is no system for "building credit". Whether or not you are approved for loans depends on many factors including your income, your expenses, and whether or not you have negative entries in your ZEK credit record and your municipal debt collection register.

Leases with a value of between CHF 500 and CHF 80,000 are governed by Swiss consumer credit laws, which require lenders to check the creditworthiness of prospective borrowers.

Leases worth more than CHF 80,000 are classified as rental agreements and lenders are not legally obligated to check crediworthiness in this case - although they may do so if they choose to.

A credit check of your ZEK and debt collection register reports does not negatively affect your credit - although open applications for loans as well as approvals and rejections are listed on your ZEK record for a time.

As a general rule, leasing vehicles works out more expensive than buying them outright in cash (with a personal loan, for example). The car lease calculator and the personal loan calculator on make it easy to find the costs of both options.

If you are legally resident in Switzerland, employed, and do not have negative entries at the ZEK or a Swiss debt collection register, you shouldn't have much difficulty being approved for a personal loan.

You can compare the cost of loans using the unbiased personal loan comparison on

Best regards from Moneyguru

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