Forward Mortgage

A forward mortgage is a type of fixed rate mortgage.

The benefit of getting a forward mortgage is that you can lock in your interest rates far ahead of the start of your mortgage term.

You can normally choose to lock in your mortgage rates up to 12 months in advance, although some banks offer up to 24 months.

Compared to a regular mortgage, forward mortgages are somewhat more expensive, which means the mortgage rate you get will be higher than the going rate. Like the interest rate, the markup you pay for a forward mortgage is negotiable.

A forward mortgage can be interesting if you plan on mortgaging your home in the future, but want to lock it into current low interest rates, thus guarding against the possibility of rates climbing before your mortgage term begins. This can be useful if, for example, you plan on building a new home or buying a home in the not-to-distant future, and suspect that mortgage rates may climb in the meantime.

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