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Gold Credit Cards Explained

October 19, 2021 - Benjamin Manz

While the sight of a gold credit card no longer turns heads, they continue to hold an air of exclusivity. But do gold credit cards offer more than a classy facade?

More than 50 different gold credit cards are offered in Switzerland. All major gold credit cards in the credit card comparison on

Gold credit cards running on every major payment network – including Visa, Mastercard and American Express – are available. Most major issuers like BonuscardCembra Money BankCornèrcardPostFinance, Swisscard, UBS and Viseca include gold cards in their credit card lineups.

Annual fees charged for gold credit cards range between 72 and 230 Swiss francs, making them more expensive than standard or “silver” credit cards. However, when taking all benefits into consideration, a handful of gold credit card can work out to be more affordable than their silver counterparts – in the case of cash back earned, for example.

In order to successfully apply for a gold credit card, you will typically need to have an annual income of between 70,000 and 80,000 Swiss francs. But there are gold cards with less stringent income requirements.

In many cases, the higher cost of gold cards directly translates into more valuable benefits. If you use these benefits, paying more for the card can pay off:

  • Currencies: Many Swiss gold credit cards are available in U.S. dollar and euro versions, in addition to the standard Swiss franc version. This is not the case with basic credit cards.
  • Rewards: Gold credit cards often deliver more cash back, airline miles and other rewards in relation to spending than their silver counterparts. They may also provide shopping and travel credits. You can sort cards based on the perks they bring using the credit card comparison.
  • Insurance: Gold credit cards commonly provide more complimentary insurance coverages or more comprehensive coverage than you get with standard credit cards. Insurance coverages provided include: Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance; luggage theft, loss and damage insurance; luggage delay and flight delay coverage; collision damage waiver coverage for rental cars; purchase protection; travel accident insurance; search and rescue insurance.
  • Line of credit: The lines of credit which come with gold credit cards are normally higher than those of standard credit cards. Depending on the gold credit card you use, you may have a line of credit between 10,000 and 90,000 Swiss francs per month. Some gold credit cards do not place a limit on monthly purchases if your creditworthiness is good enough.

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