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Health Insurance: Discounts for Families and Kids

Families are hardest hit by high Swiss health insurance premiums. But there are simple ways to avoid paying too much in premiums.

For a start, the basic premium savers which apply to individuals also apply to families: Choose the optimal deductible for each member of your family, select the cheapest managed care model, cut out unnecessary accident insurance and take advantage of possible premium reductions.

Save with family discounts from affordable insurers

Health insurance premiums vary by leaps and strides between insurance providers. Comparing insurance policies is key to saving on premiums.

There are a number of health insurance providers which offer discounts for large families, starting with the second or third child.’s comprehensive Swiss health insurance comparison automatically accounts for all applicable family discounts.

The following reductions for children may apply:

Health insurance providers with family discounts from the second child onwards: Compact from the Sanitas Group, Sanitas and Assura (this insurer has its own discount model).

Health insurance providers with family discounts from the third child onwards: Agrisano, Aquilana, Concordia, EGK, Helsana, KK Birchmeier, KK Luzerner Hinterland, KK Visperterminen, Provita, Progrès, Rhenusana, Sana24, Slkk, Sodalis, Stoffel, Sumiswalder KK, Swica, Visana, Vivacare.

Example of an insurance bill with third-child-onwards insurance discounts:
Premium for first child: CHF 83.30 per month.
Premium for second child: CHF 83.30 per month.
Premium for third child: CHF 41.70 per month.
Premium for fourth child: CHF 41.70 per month.
Total premiums: CHF 250 per month.

Example of an alternative family discount from health insurance provider Assura:
Premium for single child: CHF 65.10 per month.
Premium for two children: CHF 62 per month.
Premium for three children: CHF 59.50 per month.
Premium for four children: CHF 59.50 x 4 = CHF 238 per month.

The exact premiums can vary depending on the insurance provider, insurance model, the deductible, and your place of residence. You can find these in the health insurance comparison by

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