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Useful Information About the Landline Telephone Plan Comparison

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Finding the right landline telephone plan for your needs is easier than ever!
The telephone plan comparison makes it easy to find the best fit for your home telephone needs. Go to the landline telephone plan comparison now.

1. Enter your requirements

  • Address-specific comparison: Enter your address to compare offers available at that address. You can also choose to compare offers which are available countrywide, but the selection may be more limited. When you choose an address-specific comparison, the comparison retrieves information about the plans and networks available at your address from telecom service providers via APIs. The information retrieval process may take some time, in some cases.
  • Landline: Select a user profile for landline telephone calls in Switzerland and for international calls, if desired. You can find more information about landline user profiles here.
  • Home Internet: If you want broadband Internet as well, select the Internet connection speed you need. Only plans which match or surpass your specified minimum speed are included in the comparison. You can find more information about broadband Internet user profiles here.
  • TV: If you want television as well, select the TV services that are important to you. You can specify additional criteria defining TV channels, TV time shifting functions and other services. You can find more information about TV plan criteria here.
  • Include youth offers: You can choose to include or exclude special offers for young adults from the comparison.

2. Compare offers

  • Compare costs: Compare offers based on their costs for the first year. Click on the plus symbol corresponding to a plan to view a detailed breakdown of costs and services. You can find the bases of calculations here.
  • Find detailed information: Click on the “info” link corresponding to a plan to view detailed information about that plan.
  • Sort: You can sort comparison results by costs or by various customer satisfaction ratings.

3. Apply for the plan you want

  • Just click on the button corresponding to an offer to apply directly. This may not be possible with some plans.