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  • The mobile roaming calculator by makes it easy to find the cheapest roaming solution for travel to other countries.
  • The comprehensive roaming calculator clearly shows you if roaming allowances for your destination country are included in your mobile plan or prepaid offer and what these allowances are. It also clearly indicates whether or not you need an additional roaming option. When additional data or call roaming options are beneficial in your case, the cheapest roaming solution is shown. Numerous possible combinations are taken into account.
  • When possible, the calculator also lists the costs of roaming using the standard rates which apply to your plan when you do not add supplementary roaming options, for the sake of comparison.
  • Calculations are based on the official price lists published by telecom service providers. Because of this, the costs shown can be extremely high, depending on the service provider, country and user profile. In practice, however, roaming services are often blocked automatically before extremely high charges can be incurred.
  • Only the actual roaming costs are accounted for in calculations. All other costs – including plan subscription fees – are not accounted for. If you are looking for a mobile plan to subscribe to, make sure to account for plan subscription fees and other possible costs in addition to the roaming costs shown in the calculator. You can compare these costs using the mobile plan comparison.
  • Depending on the service provider, special terms and limitations may apply to some roaming options and mobile plan roaming allowances. Getting detailed information about the exact terms and conditions from your prospective telecom services provider before subscribing to a plan is recommended.
  • You can find details about the basis for calculations here.
  • The bases of user profiles are clearly defined here.
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