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  • Banking via Smartphone

  • No account fees

  • Good exchange rates

General information:

Swiss private account (individual or shared account) for use by smartphone. The Swiss Hypothekarbank Lenzburg acts as the banking partner.

The account is opened via smartphone either by photo ID or video call.

There are no surcharges for card payments abroad (online or in shops). A surcharge of 1.5% is levied on cash withdrawals abroad. The Mastercard interbank exchange rate is used everywhere.

International transfers (SEPA and non-SEPA payments abroad) are processed by neon via Wise.

For individuals from the age of 15.
Account type:
Online Account, Standard Account
Interest rate:
0% per year.
There is no withdrawal limit.
Account opening:
The account opening is free of charge.
Account management:
The account management is free of charge.
Closing of account:
The closing of account is free of charge.
Termination of banking relationship:
The termination of the banking relationship is free of charge.
Annual account closure:
The annual account closure is free of charge.
Statements of account:
The monthly statements of account by mail are free of charge.
Incoming payment:
Incoming payment in CHF are free of charge.
Outgoing payment (Switzerland):
Electronic payment orders in CHF are free of charge.
SEPA payment:
Electronic SEPA payment orders in EUR are free of charge.
Non-SEPA payment (abroad):
Electronic Non-SEPA payment orders in foreign currencies are free of charge.
Direct debit (LSV) Switzerland:
Electronic payment orders by direct debit (LSV) within Switzerland are free of charge.
Standing order Switzerland:
Electronic standing orders in CHF within Switzerland are free charge.
Annual fee debit card:
Debit card: In the first year, there is a fee of 20.00. In the subsequent years, the annual fee is CHF 0.
Purchase Switzerland:
Debit card: Purchases in Switzerland in CHF are free of charge.
Purchase abroad:
Debit card: Purchases in foreign currencies are free of charge.
Cash withdrawal Switzerland:

Cash withdrawals at all ATMs in Switzerland in Swiss francs (CHF): 2 withdrawals per month free of charge, then CHF 2 per withdrawal.

Cash withdrawal abroad:
Debit card:
Per cash withdrawal abroad, there is a fee of 1.5% of the amount.
Special services:
Mobile banking, Online banking

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