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Netflix Raises Prices for Swiss Customers Again

November 18, 2021 - Ralf Beyeler

The cost of Netflix is going up again. Starting immediately, Swiss customers will pay 14 percent more than before.

Streaming service Netflix has raised its Swiss prices again. With immediate effect, the price of a Standard subscription is increasing from 16.90 to 18.90 francs, and the price of a Premium subscription is increasing from 21.90 francs to 24.90 francs per month. Those figures translate into price hikes of 12 and 14 percent respectively. The price of the cheapest Basic plan remains unchanged at 11.90 francs.

“25 francs per month for a streaming subscription is pretty steep,” says telecom expert Ralf Beyeler. “Netflix is also relatively expensive compared to its competitors. Apple TV plus costs 6 francs per month. Amazon costs 9.99 francs, and Disney+ costs 12.90 francs,” adds Beyeler.

Existing customers also pay more

Initially, the new prices only apply to all new customers. But prices will also be adjusted for existing Netflix subscribers, who will receive an email informing them about when the cost of their subscription will go up.

All Swiss Netflix plans include the same movies and series. According to telecom expert Ralf Beyeler, the main difference between the Netflix plans is the image resolution they offer. The cheapest Basic plan uses low SD image quality, while the mid-range Standard plan offers HD quality streaming, and the most expensive Premium plan lets you watch content in 4K quality. Plans also differ in terms of how many devices can log in simultaneously.

Second price increase in three years

Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler points out that this is already the second price increase which Netflix has pulled on its Swiss subscribers within a period of less than three years. Netflix already raised the price tags of both of its more expensive plans by 10 percent in the spring of 2019. “If this carries on, Netflix customers will eventually jump ship and move to more competitive streaming services,” believes Beyeler.

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