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Netflix Raises Prices for Swiss Customers

April 11, 2019 - Ralf Beyeler

Streaming service Netflix is raising its prices for customers in Switzerland. Ralf Beyeler, telecom expert at independent online comparison service, takes a closer look at the new Netflix pricing in this report.

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Netflix entered the Swiss market 5 years ago. In a 2018 representative survey by, 21 percent of participants stated that they use Netflix in some form. Netflix is particularly popular among young adults. The survey showed that 45 percent of participants between the ages of 19 and 25 use Netflix.

Netflix continues to offer three plans: Basic; Standard; and Premium. But as of today, Netflix is raising its prices for the Standard and Premium plans.

Basic plan pricing unchanged

The Basic plan lets you connect with a single device and what videos in low-resolution SD. The price of the Basic plan remains unchanged at 11.90 Swiss francs per month.

Standard plan costs 1 franc more per month

The Standard plan lets you access Netflix videos from 2 devices simultaneously and watch videos in HD resolution. This plan now costs 16.90 francs per month – 1 franc more than it has until now. That equates to a 6.3 percent price increase.

Premium plan costs 2 francs more per month

The Premium plan enables simultaneous access to Netflix from 4 devices and Ultra-HD resolution (4K) video quality. This plan now costs 21.90 francs per month – an increase of 2 francs per month or 10.1 percent.

Conclusion by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler:

The Netflix price hike comes as a surprise. A price tag in excess of 20 francs per month for a streaming service with a fairly limited video selection is relatively high. The new Netflix prices seem somewhat inflated when you compare them with those of TV plans with time shifting functions. For less than 10 francs per month, viewers can access a broad range of films and shows from up to 10,000 hours of TV broadcasts, thanks to TV time shifting.

At the end of the day, it is up to individual Netflix users to decide whether they are willing to accept a price increase of up to 10 percent. One way to continue using Netflix while keeping the cost low is by sharing Netflix accounts. By sharing a multiple-device plan with a friend or acquaintance who is also a Netflix user and splitting the bill accordingly, you can substantially reduce the cost of using Netflix. For example, by sharing a Premium Netflix plan between 4 acquaintances, each user pays just slightly over 5 francs per month for Ultra-HD streaming.

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Expert Ralf Beyeler
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