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New Mobile Plan Comparison Brings Greater Transparency to the Swiss Telecom Market

September 3, 2018 - Ralf Beyeler

A comprehensive, interactive new mobile plan and prepaid offer comparison developed by independent online comparison service clearly shows consumers the differences between telecom offers.

Swiss consumers are generally keen on using smartphones – a pastime which requires a mobile plan or prepaid offer. The problem is that there is an almost infinite list of subscriptions and supplementary offers to choose from. Even telecom professionals can scarcely maintain an overview of all possible cost combinations.

The new comparison from makes the whole process relatively simple. “After months of development, we have finally created an innovative and extremely accurate comparison which lets consumers in Switzerland quickly and easily find the most affordable solutions for their mobile needs. Depending on their mobile use habits, phone users can potentially save a lot of money by using the comparison,” says Ralf Beyeler, telecom expert at

Comprehensive mobile plan comparison

The comparison includes all current Swiss mobile plans, prepaid offers, data bundles and options. Users can choose selectable profiles matching their local phone call habits, mobile data use, SMS use, international phone call habits and roaming habits for quick and simple comparisons. Users can also make use of a customizable profile to enter the exact figures corresponding to their mobile phone use.

Exact cost calculations

Many consumers do not know that it is possible to cut their telecom expenses by addition supplementary options to mobile plans. Depending on user needs, using multiple supplementary options can be beneficial in some cases (for roaming, data roaming or international calls, for example).

A key strength of the comparison is the way in which comparisons are processed. Algorithms calculate the most affordable model for each offer individually based on supplementary option terms, fee structures and possible combinations. This process may account for thousands of possible combinations in order to calculate and show the most affordable solution.

In addition to supplementary options, the comparison’s algorithms also account for billing systems (per-minute or per-second) and network distribution. In the roaming and phone call categories, the comparison accounts for the exact rates applicable on a per-country basis.

Filter and sort tools for additional criteria

The mobile plan comparison also lets users find offers based on a number of other criteria in addition to costs. These include data transfer speeds (download and upload) and allowances included in mobile plans (included data allowances, for example). Filters can be used to limit comparison results based on the type of offer, the mobile network used and special services like visual voice mail, mobile ID or Wi-Fi calling. You can also sort offers based on network quality and customer satisfaction ratings.

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