Notice Period Calculator


Useful information about the notice period calculator:

  • The notice period calculator on makes it easy to find the date on which a contract will be terminated based on the notice period. You can also find the date by which you must give notice in order to terminate a contract before it rolls over to a new contract term.
  • The notice period calculator can be used for many different kinds of contracts, including insurance, banking, telecom, home rental and employment contracts. The notice period (2 or 3 months, for example) and the termination date (end of each year, for example) should be stated in the contract that you wish to terminate.
  • In Switzerland, notices are normally sent by registered mail, but the calculator can also be applied to notices which are sent electronically. No postal delivery time applies in case of the latter.
  • Try to give notice well ahead of the deadline. Your notice period will begin when your notice reaches your contractual partner, not when you send off the notice. Make sure to account for holidays, weekends, work hours, and possible postal delays.
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