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Optical fiber networks are physical networks made up of optical fiber cables and numerous distribution points. Data is transmitted through optical fiber networks using light signals, rather than electric signals (as is the case with copper phone line networks and coaxial cable networks).

A major advantage of optical fiber is that theoretically there is no limit to their potential capacity. Data transfer capacity is not notably reduced over long distances.

International optical fiber “highways” have existed for many years now. These strategic links allow millions of users to communicate over national and continental borders simultaneously.

Optical fiber connections linking individual end user devices to telecom networks have only become widely available and popular in recent years. The term fiber to the home of FTTH is used in reference to home optical fiber connections.

In order to use an optical fiber connection, your home or workplace will need to have access to an optical fiber network. Many large Swiss cities already have well-developed optical fiber networks. Optical fiber networks have also been built in a number of suburbs and rural areas.

In total, more than 1 million Swiss households and commercial properties can access optical fiber networks. Optical fiber connections are offered by Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt and many smaller telecom service providers like iWay and Init7. The moneyland.ch broadband Internet plan comparison clearly shows which service providers have optical fiber offers.

Note: Swissom markets some connections as alternative optical fiber technology and UPC uses the term fiber optic cable for certain offers. However, the products offered are not necessarily full optical fiber networks because a copper phone line or a coaxial cable may be used to link your home or workplace to the telecom network. When this is the case, you are not able to benefit from the unlimited data transfer speeds offered by a full optical fiber network.

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