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Salt Cuts Data Roaming Prices

April 25, 2018 - Ralf Beyeler

Salt, Switzerland’s third-largest mobile telecom service provider, has lowered its rates for data roaming in most European countries. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler analyzes Salt’s new pricing.

As of today, Salt has cut the price of its European data roaming bundles. The new roaming prices apply to all European Union member countries and some additional countries like Norway and Turkey. The new rates also apply to data roaming in the United States and Canada.

Salt is now offering a 1-gigabyte data roaming bundle for 18.95 Swiss francs and a large, 5-gigabyte data roaming bundle for 68.95 francs. Up until now, Salt has offered data roaming bundles of 500-megabytes (19.95 francs), 2 gigabytes (49.95 francs) and 3 gigabytes (59.95 francs).

The new pricing only applies to data bundles for the above-mentioned countries. Salt’s pricing for data roaming in all other countries has not been changed. Salt continues to offer bundles of 100 megabytes (29.95 francs), 400 megabytes (99.95 francs) and 1 gigabyte (199.95 francs).

Verdict by Ralf Beyeler

Salt has followed Sunrise and Swisscom in reducing its pricing for data roaming. A analysis of data roaming costs shows that Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt offer the lowest European data roaming pricing in different use cases. There is no one service provider which has the lowest pricing in every case.

This is not the case with data roaming outside of Europe. With the exception of the United States and Canada, both Swisscom and Sunrise currently undercut Salt’s pricing by a wide margin. For example, 2 gigabytes of data roaming in Thailand cost 60 francs at Swisscom, 79 francs at Sunrise, and almost 400 francs at Salt.

Salt’s default rates for data roaming in Europe also remain high, at 2.95 francs per megabyte. That fee is significantly higher than those charged by other major service providers.

The roaming rule of thumb continues to apply: Never use data via a foreign mobile service provider without purchasing a data roaming package first. An exception to this rule applies when your mobile plan includes complimentary data roaming and the limit has not yet been reached.

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