SIX Swiss Exchange

The SIX Swiss Exchange is the larger of the two securities exchanges in Switzerland - the other being the Bern Stock Exchange (BX Swiss). The SIX Swiss Exchange is one of the 20 largest exchanges worldwide in terms of volume.

The exchange was created when the stock exchanges of Zurich, Geneva and Basel merged and adopted the SWX electronic trading system in 1995 and closed their trading floors to form the SWX Swiss Exchange. It was renamed to SIX Swiss Exchange in 2008.

The exchange lists securities from more than 260 companies, including multinationals like Nestlé S.A., ABB Ltd. Schindler Holding AG and Novartis AG.

SIX provides securities financing, custody, clearing and fund services. Over 100 financial services providers act as market participants. The SIX SIS AG provides central securities depository services. Trades on the exchange are executed by the SECOM electronic trading system.

Contracts listed include stocks, bonds, investment fund shares, exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded products (ETPs), warrants and structured products. Around half of the securities traded on the exchange are issued by companies which are domiciled outside of Switzerland.

The Swiss Digital Exchange (SDX) - a subsidiary of the SIX Swiss Exchange - is a regulated marketplace for security tokens.

The Swiss Market Index (SMI), which tracks the performance of 30 key Swiss companies, is the exchange’s most important index and a key indicator of Switzerland’s economic performance.

Trading hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CET (UTC+1)
Settlement cycle: T+2

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