Stock Exchange

A stock exchange is a market which connects investors looking to buy shares in companies with investors looking to sell their shares. Most stock exchanges function more broadly as securities exchanges on which equities, bonds, derivatives, options, structured products, and many other kinds of securities are traded.

The primary purpose of stock exchanges is to facilitate the connection of investors (or their brokers) looking to buy shares or other securities with other investors who are selling those shares. Stock exchanges also serve to provide controlled trading environments in which traders can trade on equal terms. Many exchanges also act as or host clearing houses which ensure that goods are delivered and payment is made, thus helping to prevent fraud and enable a secure marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

Many countries host at least one stock exchange. Some countries host a number of regional stock exchanges in addition to their primary stock exchange. You can find a list of the world’s stock exchanges here.

Switzerland hosts two stock exchanges, the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and the Berne Exchange in Bern. The SIX Swiss Exchange primarily lists large public companies, while the Berne Exchange primarily lists mid-size Swiss companies. Both exchanges also act as secondary markets for many foreign securities.

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