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Sunrise Upgrades Its Data-Roaming Services

March 4, 2019 - Ralf Beyeler

With immediate effect, subscribers to the Freedom swiss neighbors and the Freedom europe & US plans from Sunrise will receive a 40-gigabyte monthly data roaming allowance. Sunrise has also announced that it will begin offering all of its subscribers an optional, flat-fee data roaming bundle from June 2019.

As of March 1, 2019, both the Sunrise Freedom swiss neighbors and the Sunrise Freedom europe & US plans have been upgraded to include a 40-gigabyte monthly data roaming allowance. Once the 40-gigabyte allowance has been exhausted, user can continue to use data roaming, but at a throttled 256/Kbps data transfer speed.

The 40 gigabytes of data roaming included in the Freedom swiss neighbors plan can be used in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy and France. The data roaming allowance included in the Freedom europe & US plan can be used in 46 countries – primarily European Union member countries, the United States and Canada.

The base monthly fees for the plans are 95 francs (Freedom swiss neighbors) and 130 francs (Freedom europe and US) respectively.

Sunrise has also announced that, starting June 17, 2019, it will launch a new offer specifically for travelers. The optional Travel data unlimited Europe bundle will be available to Sunrise users for 19.90 francs and adds a 40-gigabyte data roaming allowance which is valid for 30 days.

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Sunrise is following Swisscom and Salt in including larger data roaming allowances in its plans. The Sunrise plans which include data roaming are relatively expensive – like their counterparts from Swisscom and Salt. However, Sunrise allows its subscribers to migrate between plans at any time. That means Sunrise users can subscribe to a plan which includes data roaming ahead of travel or vacations, and then move back to a more affordable plan upon returning to Switzerland.

At just 19.90 francs, the as-yet-unlaunched Travel data unlimited Europe bundle announced by Sunrise is an attractive offer. Finally, mobile users will be able to use data roaming while traveling outside of Switzerland without having to worry about generating high phone bills. The only downside is that mobile users will have to wait until June 17, 2019 before this Sunrise offer becomes available.

When it does become available, the new flat-fee offer will put pressure on Swisscom and Salt to launch their own roaming offers designed for occasional travelers. Up until now, plans from Swisscom and Salt have been geared to mobile user who frequently travel outside of Switzerland.

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