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Customer Loyalty High Among Swiss Mobile Users

Swiss mobile service providers enjoy high customer loyalty, a survey shows. conducted a 2018 representative survey of the criteria used by Swiss consumers when selecting a mobile service provider. Alongside criteria for selecting service providers, also asked participants to state how long they have used their current mobile service providers.

The results show that on average, 41% of participants have used their current mobile service provider for more than 10 years. 68% of Swisscom customers have been customers for more than 10 years, compared to 36% of Sunrise customers and 25% of Salt customers.

At 58% of all participants, the portion of consumers who have used their current provider for 5 years or more is significantly higher. Swisscom takes first place in this regard, with 89% of participating Swisscom customers stating that they have been customers for at least 5 years. That figure compares to 67% at Sunrise and 59% at Salt. Smaller service providers also enjoy good customer loyalty, with 42% of M-Budget customers having used M-Budget for more than 5 years.

The low rates of customer migration correlate with the fact that many consumers do not consider contract terms and conditions to be a key factor for choosing a mobile plan. Only 49% of participants consider notice periods to be important, while just 44% consider minimum contract terms to be an important criterion for choosing a plan.

“That lack of concern with the minimum terms and the notice periods of mobile contracts can be costly. Some service providers charge penalty fees in excess of 1000 Swiss francs for early contract terminations,” says Ralf Beyeler.

The interactive mobile offer comparison on provides information about network quality and minimum contract terms for mobile offers in addition to listing current prices.

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