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Football on TV: Swisscom Downgrades Its Offers

March 8, 2023 - Ralf Beyeler

From June, 2023, Swisscom will no longer offer football matches on a pay-per-view basis. Many football games will then only be available to customers with a Blue Sport subscription. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from assesses the change in this report.

Since 2006, Swisscom TV subscribers have been able to watch individual football matches on a pay-per-view basis. Currently, the price is 7.90 or 9.90 francs per game. But that is changing in June, 2023. From June 21, 2023, Swisscom will no longer offer pay-per-view football matches.

The only matches which can still be watched by all Swisscom TV subscribers after that date are those which are broadcast on free TV channels like SRF, ARD, ZDF, SAT.1, and RTL, among others.

Subscription prices are going up

From June 21, 2023, football fans will have to get a special subscription in order to keep watching football. The monthly subscription fee will be either 34.90 francs (12-month minimum term) or 49.90 francs (no minimum term). Currently, the subscription has a 6-month minimum contract term and costs 29.90 francs per month.

Interesting: Swisscom has promised that existing customers will not be affected by the price hike. The current conditions also apply to new subscribers who sign up before June 21, 2023. It is not yet clear just how far into the future the existing customers will continue to pay the old, lower subscription fee.

Sunrise and Quickline customers are also affected

Although Blue Sport is a Swisscom subscription, customers of other TV providers like Sunrise and Quickline are also affected by the downgrading of Swisscom’s offer. Blue Sport is also available as an online streaming service which you can access without having to get a TV subscription.

Swisscom justifies the phasing out of pay-per-view football matches by citing a decline in interest over recent years. In keeping with its product strategy, Swisscom will now only offer football as part of a subscription.

Incomprehensible affront against football fans

Swisscom first began offering pay-per-view football matches 17 years ago. “The price tag at that time was very competitive, at one franc per game,” remembers telecom expert Ralf Beyeler.
“Swisscom had only recently entered the TV market at that time, and its football offers were the primary drawing card for many of its new customers,” says Ralf Beyeler. “Swisscom’s upcoming move is a direct affront against football fans,” says Ralf Beyeler.

For Beyeler, the goals behind Swisscom’s actions are clear. But he believes it is unlikely that the move will substantially increase Swisscom’s customer base and revenues. The number of football fans who are willing to suddenly pay more than 400 francs per year for a subscription probably is not very big. Additionally, the pay-per-view service which is being phased out was primarily used by consumers who only occasionally watch football.

What alternatives do Swisscom customers have? Simply migrating to a different TV provider is not a solution, because many football matches are broadcast exclusively on Blue Sport. There is the option of watching football with a friend who has a subscription, or at a sports bar. “Probably, some fans will end up streaming football matches from unofficial websites,” expects telecom expert Ralf Beyeler.

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