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Swisscom Offers More Sports TV but Raises Prices

October 26, 2020 - Ralf Beyeler

Swisscom customers can now watch sports broadcasts from UPC’s MySports Pro, while UPC customers can now watch all channels from Swisscom blue. Find the details in this review by Swiss telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from independent comparison service

In July 2020, Swisscom and UPC announced a partnership to share sports broadcasts. Sports broadcast sharing went live on October 20, 2020. The new offers are now available. Both Swisscom and UPC customers can subscribe to these at the exact same price.

1. What does blue (previously Teleclub) offer?

  • The pay TV service from Swisscom has been rebranded from Teleclub to blue.
  • Two options are available to sports enthusiasts:
  • The blue Sport subscription costs 29.90 francs per month.
  • Individual sports broadcasts can be accessed on a pay-per-view basis, with most costing 9.90 francs. Swiss national football matches cost 7.90 francs per broadcast.
  • The blue Max subscription (19.90 francs per month) and the blue Doku subscription (9.90 francs per month) are now also available to UPC customers.

2. What are the highlights of blue Sport?

blue Sport offers numerous football broadcasts, including the local Raiffeisen Super League and Challenge League, and the international UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europe League.

You can get more information about how to watch football matches in Switzerland here.

3. What should prospective blue Sport subscribers be aware of?

If you are considering getting a monthly subscription, be aware that you have to subscribe for a minimum of 6 months, and you have to give 3 months’ notice to terminate your subscription.

4. How does the new blue offer compare to the previous offers?

UPC customers who subscribe to the monthly Swisscom blue Sports offer pay significantly less and can watch many more sports broadcasts than they could previously. Up until now, Teleclub (now blue) sports broadcasts available to UPC customers were very limited.

For Swisscom customers, on the other hand, the new blue Sports offer is hugely more expensive than the previous Swisscom offer. Swisscom customers now have to pay 9.90 francs per broadcast for most football matches – up from 5 francs per broadcast previously. At 7.90 francs per match, watching Swiss national football matches also costs 58 percent more than it did previously.

5. What does MySports offer now?

Swisscom customers can now subscribe to MySports Pro from UPC for 25 francs per month. The pay-per-view service from MySports is not currently available to Swisscom customers.

UPC customers also pay 25 francs per month for the monthly subscription, but also have the option of getting daily access at a cost of 9 francs per day.

6. What are the highlights of MySports?

MySports is primarily known for its live broadcasts of National League and Swiss League ice hockey matches. It also broadcasts many international ice hockey matches. Other MySports broadcasts include Formula E and football matches.

7. What should MySports subscribers be aware of?

The minimum subscription term is 12 months, and you have to give 3 months’ notice to terminate your subscription. In that regard, the terms and conditions of MySports are even less customer friendly than those of Swisscom blue.

8. How does the new MySports offer compare to its previous service?

MySports has not changed. The broadcasts and price are the same as it was before the partnership. The main difference is that the MySports subscription is now also available to Swisscom customers.

9. Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

“The move to give Swisscom customers access to MySports broadcasts and UPC customers access to blue broadcasts is a welcome one,” concludes telecom expert Ralf Beyeler.

But there are a few less consumer friendly wrinkles that could use ironing out:

  • The huge price increase for pay-per-view football broadcasts from Swisscom.
  • The absence of daily MySports subscriptions for Swisscom customers.
  • The minimum monthly subscription terms of 6 months (blue) and 12 months (MySports), and the long 3-month notice periods.
  • The high cost. Hardcore sports fans who want to watch matches from both blue and MySports have to cough up 658.80 francs per year for the two subscriptions.

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