Sympany (Vivao)

Swiss health insurer

Sympany (Vivao) casamed pharm

General information:

Health insurance model «casamed pharm» of the Swiss insurance company Sympany.

Health insurance model:
Pharmacy model: Holders of pharmacy-model policies are required to visit pre-specified pharmacies as a first stop. From there they are referred to doctors, specialists, therapists, or hospitals. Alternatively, they can also consult a medical hotline.
Choice of doctor:
Your choice of family doctor is limited to just one doctor from the Sympany (Vivao) doctor list.
Medical partner:
Medgate, TopPharm.
Pharmacy choice:
Choice of pharmacies is limited to those on the Sympany (Vivao) casamed pharm pharmacy list.
Payment methods:
20% of payments are made using the tiers garant payment method, in which you pay and claim reimbursement.
80% of payments are tiers payant, meaning the bills are paid directly by the insurance (Sympany (Vivao)).
The average waiting period before tiers garant reimbursement from Sympany (Vivao) is 10 days.
Customer satisfaction:
Overall assessment    7.5/10 (Good)
General satisfaction    7.6/10 (Good)
Helpfulness    7.7/10 (Good)
Billing: flexibility    7.1/10 (Satisfactory)
Reimbursement: time frame    7.7/10 (Good)
Product information    7.4/10 (Satisfactory)
Financial reserves:
The solvency ratio shows how available financial reserves compare to BAG minimum reserve requirements. The solvency ratio of Sympany (Vivao) is 264% (2018, based on BAG data for 2017). The BAG minimum reserve requirement is 100%.
Number of policyholders:
A total of 149,660 people hold compulsory health insurance policies from Sympany (Vivao).
Additional child-discount:
Sympany (Vivao) does not offer additional premium reductions for more than one child.
Administrative costs:
5.7% (ratio of adminstrative costs to risk-adjusted premiums as per BAG data).
Administrative costs per policyholder:
CHF 252 (as per the most recent BAG data).


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