UBS key4 Mastercard Standard

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Prepaid card

UBS key4 Mastercard Standard

  • Standard credit card

  • No/low annual fees in the bank package

  • With bonus points

  • Two cards Mastercard & Visa


Card network
Card type
General information

More favorable exchange rate: Mastercard rate + 0.5%.
No or lower annual fees depending on UBS banking package.
Two-card set with Visa Card Classic.

General conditions
In order to get the card, you need an account with the same bank.
Spending limit
The maximum limit is CHF 5000 per month.
Payment method
eBill, Direct debit (LSV), QR-bill, Prepayment
Carrying balances
Carrying balances possible. If the invoice is not paid by the set deadline, an effective annual interest of 14% is owed.
Late payment fees
CHF 30 to CHF 60: No late payment fee for first payment reminder. CHF 30 for second reminder. CHF 60 for each additional reminder.

Customer satisfaction

General satisfaction    7.7/10 (Good)
Helpfulness    7.8/10 (Good)
Product information    7.6/10 (Good)
Assistance    7.8/10 (Good)


Customer satisfaction
Bonus points / cash-back
Car rental discounts
Frequent flyer miles
Airport lounge access
Concierge service
Charity & sustainability
Various vouchers & discounts
Insurance: death & disability
Insurance: rescue & repatriation
Insurance: medical expenses
Insurance: flight delay & cancellation
Insurance: car rental
Insurance: luggage
Insurance: purchase protection
Insurance: return protection
Insurance: best price guarantee
Insurance: legal protection
Insurance: various


Annual fee
In the first year, the annual fee is CHF 100.00. In subsequent years, the annual fee is CHF 200.00.
Paper invoice
The monthly paper invoice costs CHF 1.80.
Additional cards

Annual fee for partner card: CHF 50.

Card loss
A replacement card costs CHF 20.00.
Purchase abroad in CHF
For purchases abroad in CHF there is no administrative fee to pay.
Purchase abroad in foreign currency
Purchases abroad or online in foreign currencies are free of charge.
Exchange rate markup
1.067% is the average markup of the EUR/CHF exchange rate against the interbank rate according to the latest regular samplings of The actual markup may vary daily.
Cash withdrawal in Switzerland
Per cash withdrawal in Switzerland there is a fee of 4% of the amount with a minimum of CHF 10.00.
Cash withdrawal abroad:
Per cash withdrawal abroad there is a fee of 4% of the amount with a minimum of CHF 10.00. Additionally, there is an administrative fee of 0%.
Special services
Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, 24-hour service, Contactless payments, Mobile access, Online account, PIN, SMS service
Bonus points / cash-back

UBS KeyClub program: You earn 2 KeyClub points per 1000 Swiss francs in purchases charged.

Car rental discounts

Vergünstigte Automiete bei Europcar: bis zu 15% Rabatt auf Standard-Tarife.

Various vouchers & discounts

Parking at Zurich and Geneva airports: 10% discount.

Insurance: death & disability

Coverage of up to 300,000 Swiss francs in the event of death or permanent disability.

Insurance: rescue & repatriation

Up to 60,000 Swiss francs of search, rescue and repatriation costs covered per incident and year.