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Wingo Adds More Data Roaming

May 8, 2019 - Ralf Beyeler

Swisscom budget brand Wingo is increasing the data roaming allowances included in its mobile plan. telecom expert Ralf Beyeler takes a closer look.

Starting on May 8, 2019 (new customers) or June 1, 2019 (existing customers), Wingo plans will include more data roaming. All existing Mobile Fair Flat plans will automatically be updated to the new terms and conditions with the higher data roaming allowances starting on June 1, 2019.

2 gigabytes of data roaming per month in Switzerland and Europe

The basic fee of the Wingo Mobile Fair Flat plan will remain unchanged at 25 francs per month, but this flat fee will now include 2 gigabytes of mobile data per month. This mobile data allowance can be used to access the Internet in Switzerland and in most countries in Europe. Previously, the 25-franc monthly fee included a 1-gigabyte local mobile data allowance for Switzerland and a 1-gigabyte data roaming allowance for Europe.

Each additional 1 gigabyte costs 5 francs and can be used in Switzerland or when roaming in Europe. Wingo users can add up to 6 of these 1-gigabyte bundles. When a user exceeds a total 8 gigabytes of mobile data use (in Switzerland and Europe) in the same month, data roaming is automatically deactivated, but they continue to receive unlimited mobile data in Switzerland. For mobile data in Switzerland, this is the equivalent of a 55-franc flat fee for unlimited mobile data.

Option Easy Surf Europe for high-volume data roaming

Wingo user have the option of adding the Option Easy Surf Europe to their plan. This option is designed for high-volume mobile data users who have used the plan’s 8-gigabyte limit for data roaming. With this option, customers receive one gigabyte of data roaming per month without additional costs. If that allowance is not sufficient, they can add additional 1-gigabyte bundles at a cost of 5 francs per bundle. Once the 5 additional bundles available through the Option Easy Surf Europe option are used, a 6-gigabyte bundle is automatically added at a cost of 5 francs.

Calls are still billed individually, but Wingo offers a Voice Travel Option for cheaper call roaming. The costs of data roaming outside of the included European countries remains unchanged.

Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

With this change, Wingo is significantly upgrading its service for users who want to use the Internet via their smartphones while traveling abroad. The offer is particularly interesting for mobile users who frequently stream video and music to their phones and travel outside of Switzerland often.

Every year ahead of the summer vacation season, Swiss telecom service providers publish their upgraded conditions for mobile roaming. This year the trend is towards including roaming allowances in mobile plans. Increasingly, service providers have stopped differentiating between local mobile data and data roaming in European countries.

Wingo stands out in that upgrades automatically apply to both new customers and existing customers. Unfortunately, this is not typical in the Swiss telecom sector. Many other mobile service providers only apply upgrades to new customers who sign up for plans after changes have been implemented, and do not upgrade the agreements of existing customers.

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