Swiss health insurer

Assura PharMed

General information:

Health insurance model «PharMed» of the Swiss insurance company Assura.

Health insurance model:
Family doctor model: When you use a family doctor policy, you are required to visit your relevant family doctor first. Your doctor may then refer you to specialists, therapists or hospitals. A primary consultation from your doctor is not necessary in the event of medical emergencies, gynecological examinations, inoculations and treatments by eye doctors.
Choice of doctor:
Your choice of family doctor is limited to just one doctor from the Assura doctor list.
Medical partner:
Not specified.
Pharmacy choice:
Choice of pharmacies is limited to those on the Assura PharMed pharmacy list.
Payment methods:
Not specified.
The average waiting period before tiers garant reimbursement from Assura is 25 days.
Customer satisfaction:
Overall assessment    6.7/10 (Acceptable)
General satisfaction    6.8/10 (Acceptable)
Helpfulness    7.1/10 (Satisfactory)
Billing: flexibility    6.4/10 (Acceptable)
Reimbursement: time frame    6.2/10 (Acceptable)
Product information    6.8/10 (Acceptable)
Financial reserves:
The solvency ratio shows how available financial reserves compare to BAG minimum reserve requirements. The solvency ratio of Assura is 161% (2018, based on BAG data for 2017). The BAG minimum reserve requirement is 100%.
Number of policyholders:
A total of 1,000,912 people hold compulsory health insurance policies from Assura.
Additional child-discount:
Assura provides additional premium reductions from the second child onwards.
Administrative costs:
6.1% (ratio of adminstrative costs to risk-adjusted premiums as per BAG data).
Administrative costs per policyholder:
CHF 146 (as per the most recent BAG data).


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