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Cembra Money Bank Adopts Samsung Pay

February 2, 2018 - Benjamin Manz

As of February 2018, holders of select credit cards from card issuer Cembra Money Bank can use Samsung Pay to settle payments.

As of February 2018, some Cembra Money Bank credit card users can use Samsung Pay to make payments at point of sale (POS) terminals. Eligible cards include the Cembra Mastercard, Cosy Mastercard Conforama, Fnac Mastercard and the TCS Mastercard.

The Cumulus Mastercard – issued in collaboration with Migros and by far the most popular card in the Cembra Money Bank lineup – is not supported. Responding to an inquiry by moneyland.ch, Migros explained that the capabilities and the fees of co-branded credit cards are defined in cooperation with the partner merchants. Migros pointed out that the Cumulus Mastercard can be used to make mobile payments at Migros stores using the Migros app.

In response to an inquiry made by moneyland.ch, Cembra Money Bank clarified that it does not currently support Apple Pay. However, the bank does follow market developments and regularly determines whether new services should be offered.

Samsung Pay is compatible with many of Samsung’s newer smartphones. Instead of using cash or a payment card to pay for purchases, consumers can make payments using their smartphones.

A number of Swiss credit cards already support Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, including payment cards from Cornèrcard, Bonuscard and Swiss Bankers. Select credit cards from Swisscard – including the SWISS Miles & More cards – are compatible with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. You can use the Samsung Pay and Apple Pay filters in the unbiased credit card comparison on moneyland.ch to limit results to payment cards which are compatible with the corresponding mobile wallet.

Verdict by Ralf Beyeler from comparison service moneyland.ch

“The move towards increasing acceptance of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay among Swiss card issuers is a welcome development” according to telecom expert Ralf Beyeler. The development allows customers to choose which mobile wallet they prefer to use.

“The strategy employed by Migros is less welcome” in Beyeler’s opinion. Cumulus Mastercard holders can use their Smartphone to charge purchases at Migros stores to their card using the Migros App. But making mobile payments for purchases from merchants which are not in the Migros group is not possible.

While Migros does accept mobile wallet Twint, it can only be used in combination with the Migros app. It is perfectly understandable that Migros wants to steer its customers towards using its app. “But allowing its customers to choose their preferred payment method would be a more customer friendly approach” says Beyeler.

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Expert Benjamin Manz
Benjamin Manz is CEO of moneyland.ch and an independent expert on banking and finance.