Combox is the trademark of the Swisscom automated call answering service. In Switzerland, the term is popularly used to describe any automated call answering service, including those offered by other telecom service providers like Sunrise and Salt.

Officially, the Sunrise call answering service is trademarked Mailbox and that offered by Salt is trademarked Voicemail.

A call answering service (or combox in Switzerland) enables a caller to record a voice message remotely over the telephone when the person they are calling is unable to (or does not want to) answer their phone. When a call is not received, the call answering service is automatically activated and the caller is able to record a message on the call answering service remotely over the telephone. The recipient can access the call answering service and listen to their recorded messages on their telephone at a later time. Today, most call answering services automatically inform phone users when a message has been recorded on their call answering service by SMS.

Important: When roaming outside of Switzerland, you may be charged roaming fees when you make calls to your call answering service from abroad.

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