Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


A digital video recorder is a device or service which lets you record television broadcasts for later viewing.

In the past, digital video recorders were primarily physical devices which would connect directly to a television set. In Switzerland, many TV plans now include virtual digital video recorder functions. In this setup, broadcasts are recorded in the cloud and then streamed over the Internet upon demand from viewers. Digital video recorder services are offered by many Swiss service providers including Swisscom, Sunrise, Quickline, Zattoo, Wilmaa and Teleboy.

A major advantage of cloud-based virtual video recorders is that viewers can access recordings from any place and using any device, provided they have a fast Internet connection.

UPC was the last major Swiss television service provider to offer its customers a cloud-based digital video recorder service, which it accomplished with the launch of its TV Box set top box in late 2018. Previously, UPC customers were limited to the digital video recorder included in UPC’s Horizon set top box.

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