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Swiss Dog Insurance Coverage Compared

What should you consider before taking out pet insurance for your dog in Switzerland? Find useful information in this guide.

Dogs are popular pets and companions in Switzerland. It is estimated that one in ten Swiss households includes at least one dog. That puts the Swiss canine population at around 500,000.

Dog insurance for illnesses and accidents

Two types of dog insurance policies are available in Switzerland: canine accident insurance, which covers the cost of treating injuries after accidents; and canine health insurance, which covers the cost of veterinary treatment for both accidents and illnesses.

Age limits for new policies

At the time that you take out the insurance policy, your dog must be at least 3 months old. The majority of insurers will not write new policies for dogs which are more than seven years old. Only Epona does not have upper age limitations for new policies.

The premiums charged for dog insurance policies vary dramatically depending on the insurance provider used, the age of the dog and the deductible and sum insured. Comparing costs based on your dog’s specific needs is the only way to determine whether or not dog insurance can save you money. It is also important to compare the services and coverage provided by different policies before you settle on one. The interactive pet insurance comparison on lets you compare policies based on costs, coverage and services provided.

Dog insurance coverage exclusions

Swiss dog insurance only covers the cost of veterinary treatment for illnesses and accidents which occur after you take out the insurance policy. Treatment of pre-existing conditions is not covered. Having your dog's health examined before taking out dog insurance can help you prove whether or not conditions were present before you took out your policy.

Dog insurance does not normally cover the costs of aesthetic surgery, dental care, the treatment of hereditary diseases or psychotherapy treatment. Likewise, injuries caused by a liable third person and illnesses resulting from gross negligence on the part of the dog owner are not normally covered.

Vaccinations and specialized coverage

Certain types of coverage are only offered by specific insurance providers. The interactive pet insurance comparison makes it easy to find policies which include the coverages you need using practical filters. Only policies which match all of your criteria appear in the comparison results.

Most policies do not cover vaccinations, but there are exceptions to this rule. The Epona Optima dog insurance, Epona Ultima Plus dog insurance and the Animalia dog insurance cover 50 or 60 francs (depending on the policy) of the costs of vaccinations per calendar year.

Only Wau-Miau dog insurance includes travel veterinary insurance which covers veterinary expenses incurred while traveling outside of Switzerland.

Alternative medicine treatments are covered by all Epona dog insurance policies and by Animalia dog insurance, among others.

Dog insurance: qualification period

Qualification periods generally apply to dog insurance. The qualification periods begin when you take out the policy and you cannot file any claims for the corresponding coverage until after the qualification period expires.

Dog insurance policies typically have a one-month qualification period before you can make claims for regular illnesses and a three-month qualification period before you can make claims for chronic illnesses. Some policies do not have a qualification period for accident claims, while others have one-month qualification periods.

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