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  • The early retirement OASI contribution calculator makes it easy to find out how much you will have to pay in old age and survivors insurance (OASI) contributions during your early retirement. The calculator also shows various possibilities for saving if you remain employed after your early retirement.
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  • The old age and survivors insurance (OASI) from Swiss social security is more commonly referred to by its German title: Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung (AHV), and its French title: Assurance-vieillesse et survivants (AVS).
  • When you retire early, you must continue paying OASI contributions until you reach standard legal retirement age (65 years old for men, 64 years old for women). The amount you are required to contribute depends on your pension income, your personal assets and possible salaries from paid employment.
  • Pension income includes recurring income other than salaries, disability insurance (DI) benefits, supplemental benefits from the OASI or DI, and capital gains. Pension income does include pensions of all sorts, maintenance payments and recurring grants from third parties.
  • Net assets include assets in savings accounts, securities or real estate, and assets which are available to you on a usufruct basis.
  • OASI status: The calculator assumes that you will be employed less than 9 months per year or less than 50 percent of regular work hours after early retirement. However, if your salary for part-time employment is high enough, you may still be classified as employed for OASI purposes.
  • This calculator is not applicable to self-employed individuals. The OASI contributions for self-employed persons are calculated on a different basis.
  • In the case of married couples, the calculator assumes that the spouses of employed individuals are unemployed. You are not required to pay OASI contributions if your spouse is employed and pays at least double the minimum required OASI contribution.
  • Administrative fees equal to a maximum of 5% of contributions may apply.
  • Results are calculated exactly and rounded to the nearest 5 centimes.
  • All calculations are provided for informational purposes only. moneyland.ch accepts no liability for information provided. You can obtain binding information from your corresponding social security office.

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