Full Casco Car Insurance

In Switzerland, the term "full casco car insurance" (German: Vollkasko, French: casco complète) describes a combination of comprehensive car insurance and collision car insurance. The term "casco" is derived from the Spanish word for a hull. In car insurance, it describes the entirety of an insured vehicle.

Swiss insurers refer to comprehensive car insurance as partial casco insurance (German: Teilkasko). In Switzerland, collision insurance is typically offered in combination with comprehensive insurance, and insurers do not typically offer collision car insurance as a stand-alone insurance without comprehensive car insurance.

The coverage you get with full casco car insurance covers most damages to your vehicle, but it is also expensive. As a general rule, full casco insurance is only worth taking out for cars which are less than 4 (or in some cases 6) years old. When you lease a car, car leasing companies typically require you to take out full casco car insurance for the full lease term.

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